This vital legislation covers three points: establishing a two-person crew consisting of an Engineer and Conductor, strengthening the laws regarding blocked road crossings, and providing better yard conditions – specifically lighting and walking stone. Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman Tim Price says the following:

As things are starting to heat up in Columbus, I need your help NOW to make sure we can get HB 186 moving to a floor vote.

1. If you haven’t done so yet – call, email, write your state representative. This is critical when the committee meets!

2. Be sure to have your members in your local division, family and friends make the call for “HB 186 The Ohio Rail Safety Bill”

3. Support BLET PAC, this is critical to get good candidates who support working families!

4. Be ready to vote and register to vote if you have not.

Over the weekend I talked with a few representatives about our bill and have been making calls and setting up meetings as we get closer to HB 186 moving forward. The success of this bill will depend not only on the BLET Ohio State Legislative Board but also on the membership taking the time to participate in moving this important legislation.

Timothy Price
BLET Ohio State Legislative Board
Teamsters Rail Conference

The House Transportation Committee could be hearing testimony as soon as next week on HB 186. I ask each of you to take a moment to reach out to your Representative and ask them to support HB 186. SMART-TD also supports this legislation, and we are working together to get it passed – talk about HB 186 at work!

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